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Special Services

On-Site Support at Home or Work

Whether your home or office routine is disrupted by some unforeseen glitch or technical failure, I am available to serve you with a variety of on-demand services. Unlike other service providers, I’ll even come to you for fast, friendly and affordable on-site repair services.

What if your computer or computers require a more in-depth work? In that case I will pick up them from your location, take them back to my climate and static controlled workshop and, once finished, deliver you back your device.

Remote Support

I offer a remote support and administration service of your systems. I offer software installation and updates, virus services, diagnostics and much more. This is all done in the background and at your convenience. This means any administration to remote computers and servers can be done 24/7. Working remotely means better up time and quality of service for you and, in turn, the customers or family you serve. The setup on your end is as easy as reading six numbers and then four more.

Fall Special*

Take advantage of my Fall Special which includes:

º Remove dust from inside of computer
º Clean all internal fans and power supply
º Clean and reapply thermal compound on CPU**
º Perform windows optimization
º Update drivers and OS files where needed
º Perform a system tune-up


*pickup/delivery in service area only
**if needed