I Don’t Know What’s Wrong

Regardless of the statement that “computers are only as smart as the people that programmed them.” A computer is still a complex and sensitive tool. Humans, unlike computers, have intuition and gut-feelings. Sometimes we do indeed know something is amiss or wrong, but just don’t know what.

Did your computer:


Well I can help! I am an on-site tech who will come to you. I’ll troubleshoot the problem and if or what we need to fix, I will explain it and give a free quote.

On-site you ask? Well, this way I see your computer in it’s natural environment, you don’t have to unplug all the things hooked into it and frequently I can probably fix it that day. Schedules are flexible and I always call that day to confirm your appointment.

To setup a appointment:

Please email me at: matt@mattsitsolutions.com
Call or Text at: (910) 338-4859